What are your rates?

Every project is different, and my rates are based on time required, level of difficulty, and cost of artwork. We'll need to talk about your specific needs before I can offer you a quote.

Do you work with other genres?

Occasionally. Historical fiction/romance is my specialty and the genre with which I have the most experience, but I will take on outside projects if I think I have the skills to deliver.

Do you only design book covers?

No! I can also design social media and website banners, advertisements, posters, postcards, bookmarks, and more. But I don't print those materials. You would be responsible for choosing a printing service, and I can offer some recommendations.

Are you an illustrator?

No. I cannot create original artwork from scratch for you. I am a designer who creates composites using a combination of stock art and public domain images to craft covers. If you are looking for an original piece of art or if your vision includes very specific details, you need an illustrator rather than a designer.

Will you read my book before you design the cover?

Only if I'm editing it. As much as I would love to read every book, I just don't have time. And I've found that it's not necessary. I've gotten pretty good at asking the right questions to help me craft a cover that captures the essence of the story and the eyes of the target audience.

What's the turnaround time?

I typically ask for 10-12 business days (M-F) to turn around the initial set of mockups. From there, the process could take two weeks longer or more depending on the revisions required.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yep! A contract not only protects your interests and mine, but it also defines the scope of the project and clearly outlines what my duties are and what you can expect from me. I use a cool service called EchoSign that makes it super easy to review and sign digitally.

How do I pay you?

I accept payment via Paypal, and you can pay straight from the invoice I'll send you. I ask for a nonrefundable deposit before I begin work, and the remaining balance is not due until we have arrived at a final cover.

Will I own the copyright to my cover design?

Yes! Upon receipt of final payment and transfer of final files, you own the copyright to your completed cover design. I maintain copyright and ownership of the mockup designs that were not chosen.

What files will you give me?

I will give you high-quality jpegs and pngs of your front cover in the extra large size required by Amazon and also in a smaller size more suitable for other web uses. I'm happy to provide other sizes free of charge if you have specific requirements. For print covers, you will also receive a high-quality pdf tailored to your printer's specifications. I do not transfer my source (Photoshop) files.

What do you do with the designs that aren't chosen as final covers?

Occasionally, I will recycle my favorites with generic titles and offer them as half-price pre-mades.

I already have my artwork and know exactly what I want on my cover. Can I get a discount?

Yep! Finding the perfect art takes up a big chunk of my time, so if you already have the art and the concept, I'll put it together for you. I do ask for a little bit of creative leeway, but typically, if you're cutting my time on the project in half, I'll cut the price in half for you.

I need to have a series of covers designed. Can I get a volume discount?

Absolutely! As long as we're working on them back-to-back and we put all of the covers in the same contract, I'll offer you a significant discount.

How far in advance should I have my cover designed?

That's up to you, but keep in mind that having a cover to show off several weeks to several months ahead of your release date is a good way to start generating awareness and piquing potential readers' curiosity. Don't wait to contact me about your cover! My schedule is typically filled six to eight weeks in advance.