Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Cover Designs: A Notable Occupation & Merrimack

A couple of weeks ago I shared two covers I designed for historical fiction author Patricia O'Sullivan, and now I'd like to show you the covers I designed for her upcoming releases, A Notable Occupation and Merrimack. These books will be released next year, but here are the preliminary book descriptions:

Rachel Meares is unhappily married to a German smuggler, in love with a British physician, and forced to spy for the American rebels by her African slaves, who know too many of her secrets, including how her brother and father are running guns to the Americans from a Dutch island in the Caribbean. There seems to be no escape for Rachel from her marriage or from Newport when the rebel spy blackmailing Rachel decides to take matters into his own hands.

Set against the British occupation of Newport in Narragansett Bay and of St. Eustatius in the Caribbean Sea during the American War for Independence, A Notable Occupation is a story about a young Jewish woman trying to hold on to love in a time of war.

Merrimack will not be released until the fall of next year and I don't have an official blurb, but it is a story about a young woman in colonial America who helps a runaway indentured servant attain his freedom.

In the meantime, check out Patti's published novels, Hope of Israel and Legend of the Dead, available for Kindle on Amazon, and stop by Patricia's blog, Legend of the Dead, where she's got great posts on history and historical fiction!

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