Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Book Release: Awesome Justice

Please join me in congratulating Patricia O'Sullivan on the release of her newest novel, Awesome Justice! I've waited such a long time to say that! I was honored to work with Patti on a developmental edit, a copyedit, and in designing the book's cover. Patti's fans know her as an author of historical fiction, but here she branches out into a new genre with a subject close to her heart: the clash of homosexuality and Christianity, specifically in the Deep South. Awesome Justice is a young adult novel focusing on the themes of tolerance and acceptance, or the lack thereof; what it means to be family, friends, and lovers; and having the courage to live life on one's own terms. Here's the book description:

Straight-A student, Austin Justice, is only four weeks away from graduating high school. But after being outed as gay, he’s harassed by his classmates. When he's suspended from school for fighting back, Austin has had enough. He goes to live with his sister, a college student working in a summer theater program. Pulled into the world of dark theaters, dingy costume shops, and free-thinking actors, Austin realizes that his whole life has been a dull performance. For the first time, he lives life unscripted, allowing himself to follow his heart and learning that love can overcome fear even in the most difficult circumstances.

And here's what Patti had to say about me in her acknowledgments:

And finally, thank you to my incredibly talented editor Jenny Quinlan, who believed in Austin's story and helped me turn it into a novel I can be proud of.

Ain't she sweet? That brought a tear to my eye. But I do believe in this novel. Austin's voice is authentic and he is instantly likable, and there is a colorful cast of standout supporting characters to help him on his journey to living openly as a gay man. I had a blast helping Patti bring Austin's story to life, and she worked really hard to make sure she was doing it right. I think she hit it out of the park.

Awesome Justice is available now for Kindle on Amazon, and you can add it to your Goodreads shelf. If you get a chance, stop by Patti's website and say hello!

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