Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Voices Beckon

I have been privileged to work with Linda Lee Graham in an editorial capacity on books two and three of her Voices series, set in 18th-century Philadelphia and Jamaica, the theme of which is "life, liberty, and the pursuit of love." Early America is my favorite time period to read about, and I was honored to have Linda contact me after I had already read and enjoyed her first novel. If you like romantic historical fiction, you'll love these books! The first novel in the series, Voices Beckon, is available as a single novel or as a series of three novellas, and Linda decided she wanted to update the look of the novella covers. We tried several different styles, and another one of them may make an appearance later on, but this is the new cover currently gracing the novella editions. Here's the book description of Voices Beckon:

She's not of his class, not of his religion, and not in his plans . . . will she fill his future as she fills his dreams?

The year is 1783. Passengers swarm the bustling Bristol quay, anxiously awaiting the call to board. David Graham, a Scot indentured for the next six years to a Philadelphia printer, waits among them, as does Elisabeth Hale, a young Englishwoman making the passage with her father, and Liam Brock, an orphaned Scot with a dubious past.

Drawn to one another despite differences of class and religion, the three establish an unwavering bond of friendship, love, and loyalty--until Elisabeth is forced to make a choice--a choice that will shatter their lives.

Set in the late eighteenth century, Voices Beckon spans seven years in the lives of David, Elisabeth, and Liam. Rich in historical detail, this sweeping romance chronicles their coming of age against the vivid backdrop of the developing United States of America.

You can check out Voices Beckon, Part One: The Voyage for FREE on Amazon! Or you can purchase the novel in its entirety for $3.99. We're currently putting the finishing touches on book three in the series, Voices Echo, and it will be on sale soon. If you get a chance, add Linda's books to your shelves on Goodreads and check out her website!

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