Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maya: Origins

Please join me in congratulating author Rym Kara on the publication of her debut historical fantasy novel, Maya: Origins, with a cover designed by moi! Here's the book description:

Born a daughter to a king who wanted sons, Maya’s life was spared for her golden hair. The color of her hair—like the sun, fire, and the gold-capped mountain that loomed over her village—was Maya, a color sacred to the Gods. Maya would bring prosperity to her people. 

Yet Fate had a different plan. Maya would not just live among the Gods of the Valley, she would become one! But this gift came with a heavy price, one that would test Maya’s will, courage and endurance. 

Set in the late Nordic Bronze Age, at the dawn of Ragnarok, Maya and the people of Mitgarh prepare themselves for the final battle that will rage between the Jotun Gods and the Aesir Gods. Many were destined to die. Out of the ruins, legends would rise. 

Maya: Origins is available now in ebook format on Amazon for $2.99!

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