Friday, November 7, 2014

Dark Angels Prey

Congratulations to Elizabeth Genovese on the publication of her second novel, Dark Angels Prey, with a cover designed by yours truly! Elizabeth pens spiritual tales of supernatural adventure and love (check out The Astral Shore, which was released last week, also with a cover by moi), and creating these covers was a real departure for me. I'm used to the soft and light of historical fiction, and here I had to venture into the bold and bright world of contemporary. It was a challenge, but I think we managed to do a good job of it! Here's the book description:

When Joe Ross survives the car accident that kills his father, he thinks he’s alive for a purpose—to save a child prodigy. But saving the boy could cost him the love of his life, his dreams, and maybe his soul. Bombarded with supernatural orders he can’t ignore, an angel and demon steer Joe to the mysterious town of Angelfish Cove. 

Time stops in the '60s in the Cove and its secrets lead to a sequestered monastery in Quebec. Behind the gates of Marianlake Augustinian Monastery lies a world of wondrous miracles and demonic cutthroats. Joe finds his destiny at Marianlake—and a gift for humanity—if he can outwit the forces of Hell to get it. 

DARK ANGELS PREY … a stand-alone tale of supernatural suspense! 

Travel with Joe Ross to Ocala, Boston, Quebec, New York City, Rome, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, and a distant land where homes are made of red clay and the air smells of meadows. 

Dark Angels Prey is available now for Kindle on Amazon, and be sure to check out Elizabeth's website!

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