Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tales of Byzantium

Congratulations to Eileen Stephenson on the publication of her first collection of short stories, Tales of Byzantium! I had the pleasure of working with Eileen on a developmental edit and a copyedit as she crafted these gripping tales, and I designed the cover too! Here's the book description:

Three stories of love, war, and destiny in medieval Byzantium

A young empress defies her powerful father for love and her rightful place on the throne

A charismatic commander takes the gamble of a lifetime to save the lives of  thousands of innocents

An exiled princess finds a new sense of purpose and creates a legacy that will stand through the ages

These stories provide a glimpse of the dynamic and proud Byzantines who lived during the height of the empire's splendor.

Tales of Byzantium is available now in ebook and print formats on Amazon! Add the book to your Goodreads shelves, and check out Eileen's website, where she blogs about all things Byzantine. And if you're going to HNS Denver in June, you'll get to meet Eileen there!

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