Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Wild Ways: Mystery of the Hanging Tower

Congratulations to Dale Swanson on the publication of his new book, The Wild Ways: Mystery of the Hanging Tower, the first in a series featuring young Oscar Johnson and his animal friends in 1950s Minnesota. I had the pleasure of working with Dale on a developmental edit and a copyedit, and I helped him put the cover together using the gorgeous artwork of Andrea Davinci. Here's the book description:

A loudmouthed gray squirrel named Chatter, a fidgety gopher named Archie, a raccoon with special powers named Ring, and all the animals living on Enchanted Island know they must solve a riddle before their island is destroyed and they loose everything including their lives. Ring convinces them they must do what hasn’t been done in over 400-years; they realize their only hope for survival is to enlist the help of a human to prevent the carnage about to unfold.

They possess information that if revealed would stop the destruction—and—create an alliance for the future.

They choose Oscar Johnson, precocious ten-year-old, to receive the Wild Ways.

They must help Oscar uncover the truth hiding in the foreboding structure they know as the Hanging Tower. Along the way, they involve Jim Brandt, FBI agent, to solve a thirty-year-old murder and uncover information pointing to someone in the highest echelons of the government with elaborate plans for creating a criminal enterprise on their enchanted island.

The Wild Ways is available now in ebook and print formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and check out Dale's website for info on his books and public appearances.

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