Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Blackbird's Cry

Please join me in congratulating Lauren M. Ludwig on the publication of The Blackbird's Cry, the sequel to her popular Blackbird of Willow Creek, with a cover designed by yours truly! Here's the book description:

Bound by love yet parted by fate, Ava and Chogan each find themselves on a battlefield. While Chogan fights for a country that despises the men of his native kind, Ava struggles to come to terms with her husband’s enlistment.

Forced to continue life without him, Ava finds an ounce of comfort from Matthew, a childhood companion. Regardless of her marital status, Matthew soon proclaims his fondness for her. His unwelcomed affection could ruin their lifelong friendship and possibly lead Ava away from her marriage vows.

As the months pass, Chogan’s safe homecoming grows dim when word from the troops is never received. Ava tries to keep her faith, but she struggles to hold onto the trust she has in God. Surely a merciful savior would not leave her a widow so soon after she has wed. She feels that the longer Chogan is gone without the guarantee of his safety, the easier it is to allow hope to slip away.
As Matthew continues to express his sentiments for her, Ava’s grief-stricken heart is even more confused, feeling as though she is standing at a crossroad. Should her heart listen to reason and lay Chogan to rest so that she can move on, or should she cling to the foolish hope that she might see her husband again?

Although separated by hundreds of miles, both with unforeseeable destinies, Ava and Chogan strive to rely on their faith, learning to allow God’s mercy to see them through the troubling times.

The Blackbird's Cry is available now on Amazon in ebook format, and the print edition is coming soon! Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and check out the first book in the series, Blackbird of Willow Creek.

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