Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I'm a little late in sharing this, but please join me in congratulating David Cook on the publication of the latest installment in The Soldier Chronicles Series, Tempest! I had the pleasure of working with David on a copyedit of this exciting tale of military treachery, and I designed the cover. Here's the book description:

Fishguard, February 1797: HMS Britannia anchors off the Pembrokeshire coast in the dying days of winter. Two armed companies of soldiers row ashore, led by the charismatic American, Colonel William Tate. They are met by the local Welsh Volunteer regiment, who, unlike the suspicious locals, has been expecting them. 

But one man has been secretly shadowing a small flotilla bound for the same destination. Major Lorn Mullone, a shrewd Irishman employed by the British government, considers that their arrival is more than fortuitous. 

Is this just a mere coincidence or perhaps a ruse de guerre? Mullone has to uncover the truth, and, with every step of the way, he must tread carefully if he is to survive. 

Tempest is available now in ebook and print format on Amazon and Amazon UK. Add the book to your shelves on Goodreads and check out David's website.

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