Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Still Waters Run Deep

I'm a little late in sharing this, but please join me in congratulating David Cook on the publication of the latest installment in The Soldier Chronicles Series, Still Waters Run Deep! I had the pleasure of working with David on a copyedit of this exciting tale of what a jaded soldier hopes to be his final military campaign, and I designed the cover. Here's the book description:

Rifleman Arthur Cadoc, guerrillero, rogue and hero, and now going by the moniker of El Tirador - the marksman, rides with Spanish Colonel Rai Herrero's irregulars, who have joined Wellington's allied army to fight in the Pyrenean campaign. It is the winter of 1813 and the French are being pushed back from their mountainous border defences and into southern France. The long and bitter war looks soon to end because Napoleon is rumoured to have suffered a spectacular defeat in the north against the Prussians, Austrians and Russians. However, Marshal Soult's French army will fight Wellington's men every step of the way, and so Cadoc has one last campaign to battle before he can hang up his prized rifle for good. Facing pitched battles, deadly raids, and the rescue of a comrade behind enemy lines, an old enemy returns and suddenly Cadoc finds that the war truly is far from over.

Still Waters Run Deep is available now in ebook and print format on Amazon and Amazon UK. Add the book to your shelves on Goodreads and check out David's website for the scoop on all of his books.

David also has a great January giveaway! Enter to win a bundle of signed books!

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