Thursday, March 15, 2018

Isabella and Margaret

Please join me in congratulating Mara Gold on the publication of her inspirational historical romance novellas, Isabella and Margaret, the Bond Trilogy Books One and Two! I had the pleasure of helping Mara design the covers. Here are the book descriptions:

Newbury, Berkshire England

Beautiful, willful Isabella Martin is being raised as a lady by her doting parents at their bustling inn, the Jolly George. Life is full of learning ladylike accomplishments for her and her cousin Caroline. After an embarrassing family loss, security is more important to her than love, and she aspires to marry up out of her social class. Will her dreams come true as she seeks to socially climb, or will she die a slow, ghastly death at the hands of an adversary just when her life began to have new meaning? 

Newbury, Berkshire England

Beautiful Margaret Hufton is the daughter of the parishes’ good and caring doctor. She dearly loves to help her father on his rounds, especially if there is a baby to hold. Margaret and her mother are welcome at every home in the area because they always have good gossip to share. A change in financial circumstance leads to a mission to reveal the secret that an inconvenient man has threatened to release. If the secret is revealed, Margaret’s hopes of marriage will dissolve. Will the secret be revealed, and if it is, will the threat of gossip turning on her and her family be too much to bear?

Isabella and Margaret are on available now in ebook format on Amazon, and you can add them to your shelves on Goodreads.

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