Thursday, April 12, 2018

St. John's Wood, Grover Square, Mayfair, and Chelsea

Please join me in congratulating Waverly Fitzgerald on the publication of four Victorian historical romance novels! I had the pleasure of working with Waverly on the cover designs. Here are the book descriptions:

High-spirited Thalia Horrocks, desperate to escape from the restrictions of the conventional middle-class life she lives and the loathsome suitor her stepfather and mother have chosen for her, decides to write a novel on a most scandalous subject.

She prevails upon her fast cousin, Lynton, to introduce her to the “pretty horsebreakers,” the courtesans who flaunt their wares in Hyde Park every afternoon. Unexpected complications ensue as Lynton takes Thalia to the notorious Cremorne Gardens and introduces her to the eccentric Lady Guenevere Shallot, a courtesan who changes her name to suit the d├ęcor of her home in St. John’s Wood.

Thalia’s curiosity gets her into all sorts of trouble, but her courage, her generous heart and her new friends help her escape from a desperate situation, discover her true identity and find true love.

Arabella Farraday hopes the fortune she inherits will help her find her mother who disappeared when she was just a child. But her father has bound up the money in a trust, administered by her Gorgon-like governess, who is determined to see that Arabella makes a suitable marriage, and by her father’s lawyer, who wants to marry Arabella himself. 

But nothing can stop Arabella from going after what she wants. Every action she takes plunges her deeper into trouble and leads inexorably to the terrible truth about her mother’s fall from grace. Fortunately Arabella is surrounded by those who love her, even at their own expense, and help her to find peace and lasting love.

The two youngest of the seven Merrell sisters, daughters of the Earl and Countess of Corrough, have been looking forward to their debuts in London for many years. It isn’t long before they discover that what goes on in polite society is often neither polite nor social. The machinations of their chaperone, Mrs Pleet, and the scandal that surrounds the disappearance of their older sister, Kitty, dampen their prospects. Sibilla is determined to forge her own destiny while Sophia is all too willing to give in to what convention demands despite the urgings of her heart.

A delightful high-spirited Victorian romp, capturing the spirit and conventions of a colorful, aristocratic set, during the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Cecily Hawthorne, desperate to escape from a dreadful position as a nursery governess, agrees to model for prominent Society portrait painter, Devin Sheridan, despite the opprobrium attached to that occupation. Cecily becomes Devin’s Pandora, his vision of a temptress, and he must paint her if only to shock London society with a tantalizing portrait that makes her the envy of the ladies and the talk of the town.

Set in the colorful salons of Kensington and studios of Chelsea, and graced with eccentric characters , both real (Whistler and Wilder) and imagined (Veracity Flutterby, Chester Thrush), this is a charming romp through the artistic and aesthetic circles of Victorian London.

All four titles are available in ebook and print editions on Amazon. Add them to your shelves on Goodreads, and visit Waverly's website for the scoop on all of her books and her writing workshops.

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