Thursday, November 1, 2018

To the Death

Please join me in congratulating Martin Lake on the publication of his newest historical novel, To the Death, sequel to Wolves of War! I had the pleasure of helping Martin design the cover. Here's the book description:

The Viking army is about to face its greatest challenge, the Kingdom of Wessex. King Æthelred and his brother Alfred are determined to wage war to the death. 

An epic tale of the great war for England.

The Great Viking Army has conquered Northumbria and East Anglia. Two English kingdoms remain independent, Mercia and Wessex. The sons of Ragnar, leaders of the army, must decide which to attack next.

Leif Ormson, once Skald to Ivar the Boneless, has now been made a jarl. He is a reluctant warrior and is grateful and relieved when he is given rich lands in which to live in peace and prosperity.

But the Vikings’ relentless lust for conquest sweeps him and his family into peril and war. As the army marches towards Wessex, he wonders if he will again have dealings with Prince Alfred and his dangerous friends.

He wonders if he will even survive.

To the Death is available in ebook format on Amazon and Amazon UK, and a print edition will be forthcoming. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and visit Martin's website for information on all of his books and his interviews with fellow historical fiction writers.

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