Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Life and Times of Lilly Quinn

Please join me in congratulating Carolyn E. Cook on the publication of her newest historical novel, The Life and Times of Lilly Quinn! I had the pleasure of helping Carolyn design the cover. Here's the book description:

Fleeing hazardous circumstances in New Orleans, Lilly Quinn arrives in hardscrabble Minden Springs, a thrown-together town on the dry prairie of 1870s Kansas. She plans to continue her journey onward to San Francisco, but her chance sighting of Barnett Swan, the only lawman for miles around, gives her pause. She chooses to remain, at least for the time being. As Lilly says, “It was only the shortest of encounters, perhaps a minute, but on that much alone, I made the rash decision to retrieve my carpet bag from the stage and extend my stay in this dismal place. That marshal seemed worth investigating.” 

Little does she know that the choice will determine the entire future course of her days.

Told in the voice of feisty and independent Lilly, the story flows through decades and introduces numerous colorful characters. It’s full of life and love, heroes and villains, a page-turning saga. Lilly reveals the western myths, its sometimes brutal realities, and how the landscape captures the imaginations and hopes of those who settle there. 

Set in those legendary, rough and tumble days, The Life and Times of Lilly Quinn presents two strong-willed people who, in spite of their differences, embrace a lasting love that stands the test of time.

The Life and Times of Lilly Quinn is available now in ebook and print editions on Amazon! Visit Carolyn's website for more information on all of her books, and check out her guest post on the women of the Wild West on my blog, Let Them Read Books!

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