Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Thief's Heart

Please join me in congratulating Kathleen Shoop on her newest release, The Thief's Heart, Book Four in the Letter Series! I had the pleasure of working with Kathie on a developmental edit and a copyedit of this emotional tale of a young man's efforts to keep his family together in late 19th century Des Moines, and I designed the cover! Here's the book description:

For anyone who’s ever needed a second chance, to find love, to find the right path in life…

Des Moines, 1892.

After losing their promised inheritance, the Arthur family’s luck finally changes. An extraordinary woman, Violet Pendergrass, provides refuge for them to rebuild their broken lives. Or has she? Handsome fifteen-year-old Tommy Arthur has one foot in manhood and the other dragging up the rear of his boyhood years. He strives to protect and provide for his family, but turning to booze when scared or worried creates as many problems as solutions. Unsure of who he can trust, fiery redhead Pearl Riverside challenges and excites him at every turn, softening his heart toward the idea that goodness exists in the world.

Tension builds between Tommy and his mother as her affection for a generous man increases. At the same time, distance grows between Tommy and his twin sister, Katherine, as each chooses their secrets over family. Violet Pendergrass demands more from Tommy, and he begins to question her motives.

When disaster strikes for Tommy’s little sister, Yale, the actions of a sinister judge, a crooked minister, and the infamous charlatan Dreama are revealed. Facing more jail time as vigilante mobs form, the clock runs down on Tommy’s chance to take responsibility for his own choices. Is it too late for him to save his family, to open his heart and fully love those who need him as much as he needs them?

The Thief's Heart is available now in ebook and print editions on Amazon. Add it to your shelves on Goodreads, and visit Kathleen's website for more information on all of her books, including more in the Letter Series and her Donora Story Collection.

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