Monday, December 11, 2017

Forget Me Not

Please join me in congratulating Stephanie Carroll on the publication of Forget Me Not, a Gothic historical fiction novella. I had the pleasure of helping Stephanie put the cover together using a photo she herself took at a cemetery in the city in which her story takes place. Here's the book description:

Originally published in LEGACY: AN ANTHOLOGY, "Forget Me Not" is set just after the turn of the century in Colma, California, a city where the dead outnumber the living. It follows Lauraline Rosland, a young woman who knows on the day after her 30th birthday, she is going to die. She has three days left and is determined to do something - anything - worth remembering. 

"Carroll takes a different approach to legacy through her short, "Forget Me Not." It takes you on a roller coaster ride, starting with anger and frustration (partly because you don't understand what is causing it) to sadness and regret to even smiles and warm content. It was ultimately a sweet story that closed with a sort of perfection (as odd as it may sound)." - Tif Talks Books On "Forget Met Not" featured in Legacy: An Anthology 

Forget Me Not is available in ebook format on Amazon for 99-cents. Add it on Goodreads, and check out Stephanie's website, where she blogs about writing, shares tidbits from her historical research, and interviews other authors.

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