Monday, January 8, 2018

Rubies of the Viper and The Viper Amulet

Please join me in congratulating Martha Marks on the publication of her newest historical novel, The Viper Amulet, and a re-issue of its predecessor, Rubies of the Viper, both with covers designed by me! Here are the book descriptions:

When her brother is murdered in first-century Rome, Theodosia Varro inherits the family estate, going from poverty and isolation to great wealth and a prestigious position in society. Only by identifying her brother's killer can she feel safe, yet her efforts take her in quite the opposite direction. After her own actions and the scheming of others lead to catastrophe, Theodosia struggles to survive and recover what matters most in her life.

"RUBIES OF THE VIPER is a genuine gem of a mystery set in Rome during the reigns of the Emperors Claudius and Nero. It's full of exciting suspense and beautifully developed characters. Marks's rich portrayal of Roman life is delightful and gruesome in turns--just as a good Roman mystery ought to be. We get the grace, the violence and the perversion that was imperial society revealed through a spell-binding tale." —Judith Starkston, classical scholar and blogger

The Sequel to RUBIES OF THE VIPER… AD 56 — Disgraced and impoverished, Theodosia Varro flees Italy with the man she loves. As Emperor Nero’s agents give chase, they escape to a place that should offer safety and peace, only to find an unexpected foe waiting. Conflicts mount as Theodosia battles known and unknown enemies who put her life and family at risk. Ultimately, she ventures into a foreign land whose culture she does not understand—and into a brutal war zone—to salvage what remains of her dreams.

Rubies of the Viper and The Viper Amulet are available in ebook and print format on Amazon. Add them to your shelves on Goodreads, and visit Martha's website and blog for more info on her books and fascinating historical facts and character studies.

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